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Ease your relocation process with our Packers & Movers services in Mumbai

Packing can be herculean task for you especially when you relocate your home or office from one place to another. There are so many delicate items that you need to take care of during relocating process. Once in your life, you might have relocated your house or office, right! Did you manage to handle or pack each and every item on your own and safely moved them to the destined place? Of course not, I know you surely ended up breaking any of your expensive or lavish items. Am I right? So why don’t you hire our Packers & Movers services to ease your relocation process save and secure.

Aelyd is the top leading company offering you the best Packers & Movers services in Mumbai. We are the trusted packers & movers company in Mumbai who is involved in local house hold, office, as well as domestic house hold shifting. Reliable packers & movers in Mumbai, Aelyd is committed to provide complete satisfaction to its varied customer base. Furthermore, our team of competent staff members along with modern machinery assures you utmost comfort and highest safety standards. We offer you a wide range of services including sifting of household and commercial materials, storage, packing and unpacking, insurance, etc.


Our suggestions for you to take when moving your valuables


Packing and moving might scare your especially when you do it alone without taking any help of professionals. But the most tedious part is waiting! Waiting until your valuables are delivered safely.  Going with packers and movers services is good but its better if you also take some personal precautions while packing and moving your possessions. Here are some of them:

       1. Make a list of inventory and items you want to handle with extra care. Take pictures of items because if something goes wrong you can claim against the company. Also keep all your files and documents stapled together.

       2. Make room for smaller items in your car/bag such as your jewellery, laptop, tablet, and many other lavish items can be safely packed in proper packages and carries with you. In this way, you avoid the risk of losing them.

       3. If you aren’t hiring packing and moving services then try to purchase right kind of boxes in which you can pack precious items such as chandelier, wall arts, and bone china. Buy special foam and bubble wrap to pack items like TV, dinner set, and other work of art.

       4. Try to get insurance for your valuables too. In case you lose or break any of the valuables, you can get a cover against them.

       5. Purchase a painter’s tape to mark boxes with extra delicate items so that the workers can handle them carefully. Packing and moving can be a tedious task but if you pack them right, half of your burden gets reduced.


What is the preferred way to hire packers and movers?


Given points will help you hire best packers and movers anywhere across the world. Just consider them once.

       1. Search for authentic and credible companies and compare their prices.

       2. Read the testimonials of past customers of the companies.

       3. Examine if any company provides insurance coverage if any loss or damage occurs.

       4. Seek for gross invoice in advance.

       5. Make a list of items which you’re require taking care of on your own like jewellery, files & documents, etc.


Things to ask before hiring Packers & Movers in Mumbai


As a customer, it’s your duty to know the services offered by Packers & Movers in Mumbai. Here are some things you should discuss with your service provider. Have a look below.

       1. Ensure about their availability as per your scheduled dates.

       2. Discuss in details the rates of moving household things such as furniture, electronics, kitchen appliances, clothing, etc.

       3. Find out if they can assist you to uninstall and reinstall the AC

       4. Discuss the packing material used for fragile materials like showpiece, glass tables, kitchen cutlery, etc.

       5. Ask about the payment policies such as advance deposit, mode of payment, etc.

       6. Ensure if they offer you transit insurance.

      7. Discuss storage and warehouse facilities offered by packers and movers, if required.

      8. Ask packers & movers about the kind of carriers they use for transportation.


Why should you hire Packers & Movers services from Aelyd in Mumbai?


         1. Aelyd is a verified company having professional packers & movers service providers. We use top-rated, government-licensed, and ISO-certified movers. We have level of verification process for our service providers such as background verification, consumer court case check, physical verification, and ID proof verification.

         2. We offer you quality of packing system by using fabric sheet covered by bubble wrap further covered by a corrugated sheet base. Most local companies only use fabric sheet.

         3. Aelyd gives you guarantee of work which means if any damage caused to your items by our service providers then we will offer you certain amount depending on your damaged items.

         4. Our work is based on professionalism and the professionals who will visit your home are well-trained. They are hired by company working on a per day basis.


Frequently Asked Questions:-


      1. How many days before should I book packers & movers?

           It is suggested to you to call packers and movers as early as possible to avoid the last minute hassle. In case, your decision to move is sudden or unplanned then try to call at least 24 hour before moving.

      2. What kind of boxes packers and movers will use?

            All packers and movers use quality water proof boxes to pack your items. However, to pack fragile items they would use foam or bubble wrap with additional tapes to pack them.

      3. Why should I go with packers and movers from Aelyd?

            Packers and movers from Aelyd are most verified, trusted, and well-trained professionals who do their work with great care. Our company has experienced workers having years of experience in the same. So you can trust Aelyd for providing you great service.

      4. I have some perishable items to be moved. Will you provide service for them?

           Of course yes! Your perishable items will be merged together and packed with special care so that there is less damaged caused to them.

     5. What are the charges of packers and movers in Mumbai?

           The charges of packers and movers depend on the numbers of items to be packed or moved and the destined place where the goods will be delivered. Aelyd also has set a transportation process that helps you get a fair cost estimates.


Aelyd is the only packers and movers service providers in Mumbai who endeavors to enrich your relocating experience with our services at the most affordable prices. Our customers do not regret at any point for having chosen us. We always try to satisfy our customers by providing them top quality services.

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